Friday, 24 September 2010

My first workshop

I had my first workshop last friday.  It went very well and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We made a christmas card with trees on it.  It was interesting to see everyone's take on it as they could place the trees as they wished.  We ended up with quite a variety.  I should have taken my camera with me and with the ladies consent could have posted a photo.  However here's the original design that they followed.  It's a card I've posted before -

Ladies you did very well cutting out the tree so many times.  I thought all your cards looked fab! Thanks go to Suz for agreeing to host the party for me.  She did very well with a level 2 hostess gift and lots of pennies to spend in the catalogue.

Here are another couple of designs using the same stamp set.  Seasons of Joy.  Very versatile I think.

If you are interested in hosting a party and inviting along friends and family for a fun evening of crafting then e mail me on 

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